Our Network: Issue #31 (Part 2)

Coverage on DeFi.

Continued from Part 1.

  • User churn is an important metric. Since inception the Dai Prize Pool has had 9706 unique wallets deposit funds. 7477 have never withdrawn. This equates to 76% of all users having remained in the prize pool. (Source)

  • As a protocol, it's important to integrate with many pieces of the ecosystem. PoolTogether now has more users joining through native third party integrations (Argent, Pillar, etc.) then directly through the PoolTogether.com user interface. A sample of all new deposits in the last 72 hours (July 22 - 24th) showed 58% came from interfaces other than PoolTogether.com. (Source)

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Contributor: Jon Itzler, Research Intern at Accomplice

About the editor: Spencer Noon is Head of Investments at DTC Capital.