Our Network: Issue #31

Coverage on DeFi.

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This is issue #31 of Our Network, the on-chain analytics newsletter that reaches more than 3000 crypto investors every week.

Editor’s Note

As much as I enjoy getting into the finer details of project health, sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and examining ecosystem health. Although it’s not a silver bullet, one of my favorite high-level metrics for the overall health of the DeFi ecosystem is Total Value Locked (TVL), popularized by the website DeFi Pulse.

TVL is calculated by taking the crypto asset balances of all DeFi-related smart contracts and multiplying them by their respective prices in USD.

At the time of writing, there is currently ~$3.5 billion worth of crypto assets locked in DeFi smart contracts. What’s astonishing is that we reached $3 billion only 3 days ago!

For investors like me, it’s impossible to overlook this type of growth. I am increasingly partnering with early-stage DeFi companies to build the future of finance.

This week our contributors cover DeFi projects: Instadapp, Opyn, Nexus Mutual, PoolTogether, and Keep Network & TBTC.

① Instadapp

Contributor: Thrilok Kumar, Smart Contract Developer at Instadapp

② Opyn

Contributor: Zubin Koticha, CEO of Opyn

③ Nexus Mutual

Contributor: Richard Chen, Partner at 1confirmation

④ PoolTogether

Contributor: Leighton Cusack, CEO of PoolTogether

  • PoolTogether is a protocol for no loss prize savings on Ethereum. A key KPI is the total amount of prizes distributed. This week the protocol passed…

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