OurNetwork: Issue #92 (Part 2)

Coverage on Terra, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEAR, and Celo.

Continued from Part 1.

⑤ Terra

👥 Brendan Murray + Brian_

📈 29,670 LUNA Collected by Galactic Punks

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  • The Terra community has recently been stargazing at Galactic Punks, a collection of 10,921 randomly generated NFTs. In just the initial minting, 29,670 LUNA and 102,579 UST was collected over an airdrop minting, a private whitelist, and a public whitelist (and a public sale that never occurred - sold out very quickly).

  • During the Private Whitelist minting, the first transactions began just 14 seconds after the planned start time. By the time the first block was processed, 132 Galactic Punks were minted — a sure sign of high interest in the project.

  • Almost 90% of Galactic Punks minted came from the Public Whitelist. This minting never approached the planned ending time, lasting a total of just 8 minutes and 8 seconds. All told, 10,921 Galactic Punks were distributed to 3,642 addresses as part of the minting, generating 29,670 LUNA and 102,579 UST.