Our Network: Issue #59 (Part 2)

Coverage on NFTX, SuperRare, Foundation, and Rarible.

Continued from Part 1.

  • (Foundation, cont.) For “Fire Sword”, early bids increased by around 10% increments in the early rounds and toward the end they began increasing in 15-25% increments as bidding got more intense. Robbie’s works focus on digital toys, holograms, and collectibles. He has sold all three of his minted artworks for an average of 7.5 ETH each.

  • We have been empowering our creators to onboard new creators through our invite system. As creators have seen how much works are appreciating in value during our auctions, there has been increasing demand to list on our platform. Daily mints by creators have been trending upward, with our top three days occurring this week. Currently a total of 478 works have been minted across 86 creators.

④ Rarible

Contributors: Austin Barack and Christian Murray, Investments at CoinFund

📌 Latest update: Rarible daily volume reaches $1 million with more than 1k daily protocol users 
💰 How to earn: Participate in a Rarible DAO with staking rewards and RARI treasury 
👉 Join the community: Rarible DAO mailing list or Discord
  • Rarible has continued to see strong growth across all key activity metrics. Rarible has grown to more than 5K monthly protocol users as of the end of January 2021, an increase of approximately 5x compared to mid summer 2020. Between late January and early February 2021, daily active users on Rarible protocol increased to more than 1K per day. The number of transactions per day has also increased to more than 2K per day by February 15th. Minting events have seen significant growth in 2021, with 747 NFTs being minted on February 16th alone. Website traffic has grown over the past month from 4K unique daily visitors to over 20K daily.

  • Top influencers from technology, media, and the arts including Mark Cuban, Lindsay Lohan, Tyga, and Sean Lennon have minted NFTs on Rarible. The permissionless and open nature of the platform has driven significant adoption and reduced friction points for new entrants.

  • The Rarible community has made significant strides in building out the token economics of the RARI token and is in the process of establishing the framework for RARI staking. The community has shaped incentives to promote continued growth in protocol engagement among token holders. Since the initial release of the RARI token during the summer of 2020, Rarible has continued to push forward in aligning the interests of all key network participants and introduced staking along with updated governance as key next steps in the protocol’s roadmap.

About the editor: Spencer Noon is an investor at Variant.