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Published by Spencer Noon and produced by a community of more than 300 analysts from around the world, OurNetwork features exclusive data-driven insights on the top projects in crypto every week. These are our core values:

① Numbers > Narratives 

We do not blindly trust popular narratives. We check the chain, verifying the data ourselves.

â‘¡ Community Powered

We are a diverse community of analysts, institutions, investors, builders, researchers, and enthusiasts who all share a passion for onchain data. 

â‘¢ Fundamentals Focused

We pioneer the use of crypto fundamental indicators and onchain data frameworks to create insights and understanding.

â‘£ Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

We believe everyone is capable of mastering crypto data like the pros with the right combination of education and community support.

⑤ Active Participation

We actively seek to contribute our expertise and analysis to other crypto networks as well as the industry at large.

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